Mindful Morning Routine

The period of time between midnight and noon. A clean slate. Blank canvas.
A gift from the Universe. To start fresh after ridding of negative energy.

Treat yourself well. Honor this gift handed to you. Manifest all that you are given.
Turn it in to something great. Something beautiful.

My mornings are sacred. Its become my sweet sanctuary. I spend this time alone. Long before anyone else is awake. Sometimes the sunlight is still hidden behind the clouds. But getting to see the light emerge. When the world is sound asleep. The birds sweet chirps. Mornings are my gateway to the heaven skies. To reflect on myself. To start this new day.

I share with you my mindful morning routine. In hopes that this will inspire you to see the beauty morning brings. The gifts and power that comes only when the rest of the world is asleep.

On a work day:
Wake up at 530AM

  • morning meditation/stretch (usually about 10-20min)
  • Coffee
  • getting ready for work
  • arrive to work early
  • writing or journal entry (however much time I have before work: usually 30min)

In the summer, I like give myself an extra 45 minutes to walk/jog as the sun rises.Β 

On my free day:Β 
Wake up around 7AM

  • mindful meditation
  • coffee
  • time to get ready
  • breakfast
  • gym or nature walk (depending on the weather/season)
  • writing/poetry/journal
  • creative time (a few hours to be creative)

I’m open to whatever feeling I may be in. Sometimes I am more productive and other days I am more relaxed. I may not always do things in this exact order.Β 

My mornings allow me to find the beauty in myself and nature. To find a creative portal with no distraction. Dedicating myself the time to invest in my power. Creating a realm of positive energy for the gift handed to me by the Universe.

I understand that some of you may have children or other obligations that cannot allow you to do all that I do in the morning. Try and dedicate at least 10-30 minutes to yourself in the mornings. Even if that means you have to wake up a bit earlier than normal. I guarantee you will see a whole different person emerge from your body. You will find beauty in the little things. Enjoy your own little world while everyone else sleeps in slumber. Witness the gift the Universe has handed you when the sun rises, the birds sing, and the world starts to wake.

Feel free to share your morning routine with me, what you learn from it, and who you have become as a person.

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Just a dreamer trying to change her life within the next 3 years.

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