Dream catcher: Understanding Intention and Manifesting Energy

IMG_0981The window to the soul is through the eyes”
That is how I like to think of intention and dreams. Intention is the window to our dreams.

I like to think of intentions as that little spark of energy that fuels your heart and gives you butterflies in your stomach. This is the energy that feeds your dreams and goals. The clearest intentions are usually after meditating whether it be breath work, yoga, or a nature walk. You might even know intention as a moment of inspiration.

Once you freely let your intention guide you, you will be able to reach the ultimate gift that the universe has granted you. The gift that contains your dreams and goals. This to me is also the hardest obstacle to overcome which is manifesting that energy. Manifest the inspiration flowing through your brain, the energy fueling your blood, feeding your heart. Take in all the energy and mold it into your dreams by giving it off to the universe. The universe will in return grant your dreams. This takes time. Sometimes it could be an hour, sometimes years. It can take a long time.

Some people can manifest and get things within a few days. For others, it could take years or a lifetime. So, why is it easier for some to get what they ask for and others may never get it? I think it all comes down to that very person’s energy. How they manifest the fuel given to them. The thing that sucks is that there is no rule book on how to manifest your intentions. Only you can find that out for yourself. People like me and all the blogs, videos, and motivational talks can only help guide you. You must bear the hardest job of all. That is to understand.

Understand yourself. Understand your intentions. Manifest the energy.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand your intentions or cannot manifest it yet. I feel like I have been going through this process for a few years and I still struggle with it. Mainly because I have lost patience due to a lot of external circumstances that I let affect me. I’ve lost the sense ofΒ  commit to myself. Being uncommitted to my intentions has made it a lot harder and more difficult for me to understand myself and truly allow me to manifest my energy correctly.

Be easy on yourself. Invest in yourself. Take the time to love, nourish, and feed your mind, body, and soul.

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Just a dreamer trying to change her life within the next 3 years.

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