Cruel Prince

*Warning: No spoilers ahead (Yay!)

So… While I wait for Pestilence by Laura Thalassa to come out next week (March 20, 2018) I wanted to indulge on some quick reads. For some reason I stumbled upon Cruel Prince and decided to give it a shot.

I was quickly mesmerized by the book cover. I mean, look at it! Mysterious, fantasy, wickedness, and princes? This would easily fulfill my cravings for a fantasy book.

Cruel Prince Plot:
Jude and her sisters, Taryn and Vivi were taken from their home by a high fae lord named Mardoc, after he murdered their parents. Now in the fae world, they must learn to live with those who despise them for being human. Jude, a strong and bold girl tries to make a place for herself in the fae world meanwhile taking up a bully none other than Prince Cardan (the worst and most evil Prince alive).

Negative thoughts:

Character description: I felt like the book was lacking character description. There were quite a few Princes in the book and I still have no clue how the others look like. I had to google the descriptions of the characters before reaching chapter 4 because I couldn’t envision each of the characters in my head. (Uhm… Please tell me you envision everything happening in the book like a movie playing in your head – because I’m not the only one doing this right?)

Fantasy world development: I like a little world development, only enough to understand the storyline and paint a picture in my head. There are books where I’ve read way too many world details that I just want to get into the plot. It’s never a bad thing to have too many details (jk, yes it could be a bad thing) but I just prefer to have the perfect amount.

Cruel Prince was lacking fantasy world development. It just felt like I was thrusted into this fantasy world with not many details. If you asked me to show you the portrait I painted of this fantasy world in my head it would be the bare foundation. You would not be able to see a full world, not even the full castle. Some parts would literally be missing. I felt like Holly really dove into the scenes really well but lacked on the fantasy world component.

Positive Thoughts:

The wickedness: Prince Cardan was so wicked and I love how he maintained it throughout the book. The way he bullied and watched as a bystander. *sigh* It was everything I wanted from an enemy. (P.S. I am not for bullying. I just like the wickedness and how well each bully scenes were played out in the book.) Cruel Prince is the first book of a trilogy. I am most definitely looking forward to the next book to see Prince Cardan’s character development.

Jude: I N D E P E N D E N T. (Did you sing the “Independent” song as you read the letters?) I adore Jude’s character. Maybe because I could resonate with her. Or maybe because I have a type I envision for my female protagonists. Either way, she’s a strong, bold, and I N D E P E N D E N T female protagonist. I adore how she understood those around her. The way others would act and perceive her. I love her intuition. Holly did a great job with Jude’s train of thought.

I also love how Jude’s thoughts and actions portray her selfless and selfish tendencies throughout the book. She’s mindful and loving yet power hungry. She’s one of my favorite characters besides Prince Cardan.

Overall thoughts:

It was okay.
There were good parts and there were some
“meh” parts. But I’m a sucker for these kind of plots so I couldn’t bear to hate it. I would recommend this book if you’re waiting for a book release or have some free time or just a sucker like me for a strong, independent female protagonist.

Did you read the book? What did you think?

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