Spirituality: Staying Centered

The present.
The balanced state between the past and future.

I was listening to Your Own Magic podcast (which is amazing by the way!) and they mentioned being centered and things that keep you off balance. When you are anxious, you are thinking of the future, you are tipping the scale and you are not centered. When you keeping thinking about the past and bring them back into your mind, you are on the other side of the scale and off balanced. Find your center. That is where the present resides. That is where you can manifest your energy to affect tomorrow.

I know being centered is not always easy. There are days where you cannot stop thinking about the future and you start to worry and get anxious. There are days where something triggers and you are pulled back into haunting memories of the past. Today, I am here to offer some tips that have worked for me to stay centered and get back to my center.

  1. Let your creative side out.

Draw. Write. Paint. Go outside. Go to the gym. Do something that lets your creative side out. The one thing that fulfills your soul will be the key to getting you out of the rut. Even if you are not in the mood, push yourself. You will forget the past and the future and this will help draw you back into being centered. Your creative side is the Universe’s gift to you to become present.

  1. Journal

Write your thoughts down. Anything and everything that you are thinking about. Anything that is happening to you at the moment. Write it all down in whatever format works best for you whether it be poems, bullet points, a letter; just write it down. Then re-read what you wrote. Crumple the paper and throw it away. These thoughts that you released are all just thoughts clouding your head. They are causing you stress. They are not anything you have not yet already went through. Understand that these are just thoughts and only you can release your mind from them. Don’t be a prisoner.

  1. Meditate/Yoga

I understand that sometimes writing down my thoughts don’t take away all the anxiety and worry. I recommend meditation and yoga. Practice clearing your mind. Breathe out the toxins. Pay attention to the little aches your body is telling you. Then inhale. Inhale love into your wounds. Repeat.

  1. Change of Scenery

No, I’m not talking about packing up your life and moving to a whole different state (although that is something I would love to do everyday). Sometimes we are our own prisoner. When your thoughts are clouding your mind, when you find yourself sucked into the aspect of the past or the future, change your environment. If you are in your room go into the living room. Go to your backyard. Go get a Starbucks drink. Go for a nature drive. Just change your scenery. Don’t let your mind get stuck in the void. Love yourself enough to recognize that you are off center and try a new scenery. This will help disrupt your thoughts and allow you to regain control of your presence.

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