Changing My Life

I am going to change my life. ..

Sometime mid-march of 2018, I decided I was no longer going to be a prisoner of society. I am tired of living just to be in debt. My freedom is dependent on how much money I have left to spend after paying bills. Feeling like a zombie coursing through this life but not actually living it to the most of my ability.

One day, when I am laying on my deathbed I know I would regret not living more. Not pursuing the things that interest me and that I am passionate about. So I made a promise. A promise to myself. I am going to change my life so I can pursue other things that my heart desires.

After doing some research and self exploration I came up with my plan. Within three years time, I am going to be debt free. I will then pursue other interests that I am passionate about. I will have the freedom to live as I please. Almost like a clean slate.

Mindset, Values, Priorities and Dreams

Once I had the mindset that I can and will change my life I had to do some hardcore research, soul searching, and budgeting. None of which I was too fond of. This meant that I had to take a step back and explore the good and the bad. I created a document. This document included my priorities, my values, and my dreams. I wanted to base my plan and goals off of the most important things to me in life.

Because I was so lost and didn’t know what I wanted in my career I also listed all the things I wanted to become. All the things I am interested in. This document is my dreams and passions. I wrote everything that came to my mind. No limitations.

After I finished the document I dissected everything I wrote. I did a pros and cons dialect in my head and really tried to narrow down on the things that I wanted to pursue. I did this because I have a tendency to want to pursue everything. I hate limitations. I hate being confined to one area. However, I knew myself enough to understand that I cannot possibly do everything. It’s just not feasible. I cannot grow a passion/interest of mine if I only commit a small chunk of time to it and then leaving it for another interest.

It was so important for me to understand my  priorities, goals, dreams, and values before I began this journey. I want to do it right. I want to make sure all the steps I take are according to my true self.

Sacrifices – The Price of Dreams

Am I willing to lose some in order to gain more in the end? Meeting my goals and changing my life came with sacrifices. I had to make sacrifices and I had to be okay with them. It was important to understand what I could give up, do without and what I couldn’t. In order to gain something, I had to lose some things. This is the ultimate price of dreams.

I am willing to give up living on my own for a few years to get all my debt paid off. I am willing to hold off on a relationship to focus on my personal growth. I am willing to work hard for these next few years to achieve my goal if it meant that I could live the remaining years of my life as I pleased.

Planning and Budgeting

Based off of my values, priorities, goals, and sacrifices I made my plan. My plan is to finish paying off all of my credit cards by the end of summer ’18. To devote all my extra cash to paying my car off by the start of summer ’19. Once I finished paying off my car I would devote all my extra cash to paying off my student loans which would take two years. Should I decide not to advance my education and don’t incur any new debt during this time period, I should be debt free by 2021.

The Journey

Changing one’s life is exciting and scary. It is a journey that will literally change my life. It will change me. There will be sacrifices, there will be hardships, there will be times where I want to give up. But do not give up. If three years of hard work means a lifetime of my freedom then it is worth it. I will plan to celebrate each milestone. Once I pay off my credit cards I will reward myself with something I have been eyeing whether it be an accessory, a nice dinner, or a trip.

I hope that my journey to changing my life inspires you to make a change somewhere. Of course, everyone’s needs, desires, and situations are different. Try to create a plan fit for you by referencing my steps above. Don’t forget to share your journey.

To see an in depth break down of my plan check out the documents below!

Budget Plan:

Vision Board: Breakdown of Self


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Just a dreamer trying to change her life within the next 3 years.

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