Journal 1.1 – Soul Searching and Manifestation

Everything around me is telling to create. My heart and soul says I need to create. The universe is giving me signs that I am on the right path. That I need to follow my instincts and everything will work out in the end. Now more than ever, I feel the need to grab what is an arms reach away and really nurture it. I feel a calling to express myself and share what I have learned with the world.

The world will embrace it. The world will give back and it will be worth it. I need to stop being afraid and embrace what I already have. I am ready. Now more than ever to harness my blessings and gifts. I am ready to accept what the Universe has given me and I am ready to receive.

i’m ready
ready for the universe to show me
all that could be
no longer afraid


How did you find your purpose?

I think I knew. All along what I needed. What i wanted. I had it all along. I was just afraid… afraid of failing. Afraid of succeeding. Afraid of manifesting something that could devastate me or build me.

I think we know deep down inside what we are meant to do. What our passion truly is. Some may ask… why haven’t I found it yet then? Maybe… you did already. Maybe its right in front of us this whole time. We just weren’t ready to face it. We weren’t ready to take it.
Now that you know. Now that there is an opportunity… Take the gift the universe handing you. And manifest its energy into something greater. There must be a reason why you are searching. All through the earth. The deep, dark unknown areas of your mind. The broken and healed areas of your soul…
For your passion has been with you all along.
You just weren’t ready to grasp it.


Inspired by: Dreamy Vibes playlist on Spotify

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Just a dreamer trying to change her life within the next 3 years.

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