Mindfulness: A Winning Mindset

“Enjoy living. Enjoy the moment. Be present. The rest of the world will work itself out. It always does.”
– The Wise words of My Conscious Mind

Wednesday, May 30th 2018

Last week I had one of the greatest day. A day filled with feelings that I haven’t felt in a while. Feelings that made me want to write because I didn’t want to keep them cooped up in my body.

What made this day so great? Nothing really. It was just an ordinary weekday that consist of going to work and doing the same old stuff.

Then why was it so great if nothing special happened that day? It was how I felt that day… I felt like I could conquer anything I wanted to do. I felt like I was living. I felt present. I felt like others noticed me in that time and space. I felt connected. And for once I wasn’t concerned about the past or the future.

When I woke up that morning I was already in a good mood. I felt happy with the way I looked. I noticed that as more days passes by I’ve been growing to be comfortable in my skin and really admiring the traits that make me unique. I am seeing myself for what I have and who I am versus seeing what society is telling me that I lack. Self-love takes time but on that day I felt like I loved myself wholly and it felt great to be loved by me.

I then went to work feeling great because I thought I looked great. Cheesy… I know. With this new profound feeling I felt like I could conquer anything at work. And I did. I got a whole bunch done without any complaints or whining in my head. My tasks were accomplished and the day flew by.

All throughout the day I enjoyed the little things I took for granted. Like walking down the hallway and enjoying the pictures and their wooden frames. I enjoyed my walk to fill up my water bottle. Instead of looking at the ground I made eye contact with strangers and shared a smile. I enjoyed the moments of laughter and jokes with my co-workers. I enjoyed the presence of others because I’ll never get that second of my life back so why not make the most out of it.

I was present. I was living. I was enjoying the things life had to offer. This day was no different from any other day. I realized that whether we have a good day or bad day, it is all in our head. We get to choose whether today is going to be a good one or a bad one. So next time, instead of focusing on what you don’t have and all the things you lack focus on the things you do have and enjoy it. Enjoy living. Enjoy the moment. Be present. The rest of the world will work itself out. It always does.

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Just a dreamer trying to change her life within the next 3 years.

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