All My Love and Hope: Missing Soccer Team Found

My heart is aching and yearning. My heart is full. Words cannot express the emotions I am feeling. I contemplated writing this post for the fact that it isn’t what I usually post. But emotions overwhelm my body and this blog is meant for me to release my emotions. It is meant to be my memory. A diary for me to look back on. So here, right now, I write out all my emotions. No holding back.

Today, July 2nd 2018, a few hours ago, 12 boys and their coach were found alive after being stuck in a cave in Thailand for 10 days.

Watching the video of when the divers first locate the boys and were communicating back and forth absolutely broke my heart and mended it back together. The boys and their coach are alive. That is plenty to be thankful for. The search effort not just from the Thai government but also neighboring countries: Australia, China, United States, England, Japan were beyond the world! The fact that so many countries can work together shows that we can conquer anything together. The amazing volunteers and rescue workers who worked non-stop to try and find the boys deserve all the praise. The family and friends of the young boys and their coach… I cannot imagine the roller coaster ride of emotions rushing through their bodies at the moment. Lastly the team… so young and strong. To be able to survive 10 days. This team is so strong.

Though the search effort is finished, the task of getting the team out is the next trial. I’m praying and sending all my love for a safe recovery. The team has been through such an unimaginable event. I cannot even fathom all that they have went through and will continue to go through following the incident.

I am relieved, worried, anxious, heartbroken, but hopeful. I am projecting all my energy, my love, my hope for their safe return and recovery process. ❀


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