Journal 09: No More Hiding

Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.

Week 09: June 25 – July 1

It is officially July… I feel like New Years was just yesterday. Time sure does fly by. I spent this weekend in Iowa visiting my siblings. It felt great to break normal weekend routine and spend some time on the road. It was exhausting but very much needed. Sometimes we just need to get away for a bit and that was my mini escape from the usual routine.

This week I tried to focus on being more in tuned with my emotions, myself, and the direction I want to go towards. Nothing is concrete. Nothing is planned. Everything still seems hazy so I’m not quite sure where to go in this nebula occurrence.

Weekly highlights:

  • Budget on food: The two week agenda was so helpful! I was able to stay on budget for the most part until the last few days of the week. I will be doing a two week agenda for the beginning half of July and seeing how that goes. I’m excited to see how I can manage and control my impulse buy.
  • Cutting morning caffeine: No more morning caffeine. I still crave for coffee. Like non stop but the cravings will eventually fade. I have been feeling a lot better throughout the day without the morning coffee. Less headache, less triggered stress, and less jaw clenching. HOWEVER, I recently encountered the lavender green tea matcha latte at a hospital cafe and it is LIFE. Instead of buying this everyday I am looking for the recipe, investing in a frother and making it at home.
  • Being more transparent: I’ve been slowly figuring out who I am and trying to not hide myself and my work from the world. I have been more open about my feelings and struggles and I think this will be the way to discover myself and learn more about myself emotionally and mentally.

Things to work on:

  • Create 2 week agenda for meals and spending.
  • Re-evaluate future: career wise.
  • Be more patient: I notice I’ve been on edge lately with my siblings and I need to reel it in. Be more patient. Be more understanding.
  • Time: save some time for writing poems and short stories. I’ve been having a lot of daydreams that are inspiring me to write. Even if they end up being nothing but stories I’ve dreamed of… write it. Let it out.

P.S. Once you release your fears, you are longer chained.

This weeks theme song inspiration: Bloodstream by Tokio Myers

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Just a dreamer trying to change her life within the next 3 years.

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