Journal 16: Time To Bloom

When you’re in a dark place you sometimes tend to think you’ve been buried.
Perhaps you’ve been planted.
– Christine Caine

Week 16: August 20 – August 26

Story time.

My mom’s dryer has been broken for about a week now. We were just going to buy a new one because no one knows how to work a dryer. A week went by and I had laundry to do. I didn’t want to spend my time at a laundromat every single time I needed clean clothes. Plus, judging my moms timing, a new dryer would mean months out. So… I googled “dryer not spinning” and the first video to pop up was a video saying that the reason for that could be the belt. A replacement belt would cost around $25 versus a few hundred dollars for a new dryer.

Tired of waiting, I decided to take action. I brought my laptop down to the laundry room, grabbed the power tools and said “I’m going to fix the dryer”. I followed the video instructions and was able to get the controller off, the top, and then the door. Sure enough, the belt was loose. The good news was that the belt wasn’t broken, it just slipped. So I felt determined to fix it. There is no going back now. It took me about 15 minutes trying to slip the belt back over the levy because it was so tight and I couldn’t see anything. The parts were behind a few other parts that I didn’t want to disassemble and couldn’t fit anything but my arm through. But, nevertheless, I did it! The dryer worked, everyone saved money, and I felt an amazing high afterwards. Like I could accomplish anything if I put the work into it.

So the life lesson for the week: You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. It just takes time. 

Weekly highlights:

  • I fixed my dryer!
  • I bought a master planner to get my life sorted. To meet deadlines. To track and meet my goals. I decided that I cannot keep lingering in this stage that I am in. I cannot keep waiting for things to come. I need to take action and make the change I want to see. I need to experiment even if I have no idea what I am doing. That is the only way to see.

Things to work on:

  • Making a plan and following through on it. I will track my progress with my new planner.
  • I’d also like to create journal prompts and/or agendas. I’ll have to set some time aside to experiment with this more.

Time to let the world know what you need. Time to decide. Time to take action.

This weeks theme song inspiration: World’s On Fire by Braves 


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Just a dreamer trying to change her life within the next 3 years.

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