Journal 20: Live more. Laugh More. Love More.

It’s a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.
– Buddha 

Week 20: September 24 – September 30

Wow… It’s now October. This year flew by so fast. We now officially have 3 months left to complete our 2018 New Years resolution. I reviewed my New Years resolution to see what I accomplished so far and what I needed to work on.

2018 New Years Resolution

  • Be more present: less dwelling in the past and future and more on living in the now.
  • Let loose: Love a little more, give and live a little more. Stop holding back on who you are.
  • Minimize debt: I want to pay off all of my debt in three years (2021).
  • Live simple
  • Learn how to play the piano
  • Keep evolving: Work on yourself, challenge your weaknesses, utilize your strengths.
  • Enjoy my youth: I am never going to be this young again. I need to start embracing these times.

I can proudly cross off a few of my New Years resolution. 2018 has been a year of living mindfully and simply. I transition to being a minimalist. I try to live more simply and minimally. I try to consume more mindfully. This also helped me keep my budget in check. I also created a budget for the next three years and though I had to push back a few months (due to some unexpected hurdles) I am still doing okay. I won’t be too harsh on a few extra months. Living mindfully allowed me to be more present and to enjoy my youth. This one was difficult and still is at times. Sometimes I get caught up in the past or thinking too much about the future. But the most important thing is that I catch myself overthinking and dwelling and I correct it. Awareness is so important and I am so proud of myself for that.

I bought a keyboard and learned how to play a few songs. No, I didn’t learn the entirety of those songs but I learned to play a part of it. The first one I learned was Lauv “I like me better”, the second was Harry Potter’s theme song (best one ever!), and finally the intro to La La Land’s “Epilogue”.

I am continuing to grow. I am continuing to change and evolve. I don’t think there will ever be a time where I am not changing. I am still trying to understand myself and what I want. However sometimes I need to revisit my values and goals to remember to stay true to myself and change any goals that no longer resonate with me. I am still craving to make a podcast. I am still craving to inspire and connect with others who see more to the world than what society presents. October is a month to implement those goals that I have not reached before December comes around.

Weekly highlights:

  • I revisited my 2018 New Year’s resolution list. I am so proud of myself. I have grown a lot mentally.
  • I had brunch with some amazing women on Sunday. A few I knew and a few I didn’t. These are all women who want a safe space to make new girlfriends. We had brunch and just got to know each other. It made me so happy to meet women who are so positive, supportive, and just wanted to be completely raw. I think more and more women are getting tired of society thinking we have to judge and belittle in order to be superior. That is not true at all. Women can work together. Women can support each other. Women can be friends with other women without judging, belittling, and sabotaging. Women are amazing and I cannot wait to spend more time with this group.
  • My mom had her Hmong wedding on Saturday and I could not be more happy for her. She has done so much for her children and for others. Now, she has someone whom she loves and I am so happy that there is that someone to support and love her. Love is free and so easy to give. We must not forget that.

Things to work on:

  • Let go of any fear and “what if’s”.
  • I’ve been getting a lot of headaches lately. I need to start centering myself again with journaling and meditating.
  • Be more present.
  • I’ve been very impatient this week. I’m not sure why. This is something that I don’t like about myself and I need to work on. I think I’ve just been too harsh on myself and not letting my emotions out.

P.S. Re-read your values and live accordingly to them. Being true to yourself will allow you to stay centered. Live more. Laugh more. Love more. Life is beautiful when you give.

This weeks theme song inspiration: It’s Alright by Adam Turley


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Just a dreamer trying to change her life within the next 3 years.

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